Rhythmedics was developed by NuTesla for the next generation of bioelectronic instruments to assist the body by generating precise resonant frequencies using a variety of energy emitters. These resonant energies affect the informational energy systems of our bodies, helping achieve healthy homeostasis. Rhythmedics has been used and studied in a variety of therapeutic settings from massage and physical therapy to sleep problems and general muscle and joint pain. Studies have shown Rhythmedics to be effective in helping people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and awaken feeling refreshed and revitalized, in improving therapeutic response during massage and physical therapy and in reducing pain and inflammation. NuTesla does make any medical claims with regard to Rhythmedics abilities in these studies and it is left to the consumer to judge its application and effectiveness for your particular needs. Rhythmedics provides resonant frequency homeopathic therapy delivered in as patented Bio-Pulses.

1 Rhythmedics Science 265 175Background

There is a long history of using vibrational and resonant energies to improve a person’s well being[1]. The oldest forms of vibrational energy used for healing include sound, light, heat, and touch. Homeopathic preparations are based on transferring the vibrational energy from toxic substances to a person through a harmless medium. And, for more than two centuries since the discoveries of Galvani, Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla and others, electromagnetic waves have been used for diagnosing, treating and healing therapies.

2  Rhythmedics Science 199 197High energy electromagnetic therapy devices create an ionizing field to destroy parasitic organisms, pathogens or unhealthy cellular structures; sometimes to the detriment of healthy cells and organs. This includes Gamma rays used in radiation therapy, and to some lesser extent high energy plasma and neon tubes used in some Rife machines.

Lower energy devices use the non-ionizing portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to restore the body’s natural frequencies to healthy ones by superimposing strong wave energies for short periods of time with repeated applications. Even lower energy devices use subtle waves of energy to help the body heal itself gradually.

Smiling hispanic girl with laptop lying on grassRhythmedics products work in the non-ionizing range, but go beyond other subtle energy devices by blending nature and technology in a unique informational energy patented method called Bio-Pulses.

The uses of alternative, complementary and integrative Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy devices have been acknowledged by the medical industry in the United States as being beneficial in specific healing situations[2] [3]. The American Medical Association has created a working group to study alternative therapies as a result of a survey that showed over half of all Americans who receive traditional medical care also use alternative therapies and practitioners. The National Institute for Health includes Complementary therapies in its areas of study.

Some devices have made their way into mainstream medicine, such as cold lasers which are becoming commonplace for treating skin imperfections, or the well known TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices to relieve pain and relax muscles.

Magnetic fields have been shown to increase the production of osteoblasts which speeds the repair of broken bones, with some physicians placing fixed magnets in the protective casting material placed over the set, broken bone. Bio-magnets are another popular alternative therapy device, now available in shoes and other clothing and even in jewelry.

Today there are thousands of subtle-energy and electromagnetic therapy devices available for purchase[4]. Even NASA has explored and reported on the benefits of this technology in nerve and tissue regeneration[5] and has patented an application in this field[6]. NASA’s research showed that a combination of energy modalities was required to cause a positive biological change. Rhythmedics uses mixed energy modalities as one of its unique features.

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Rhythmedics® is a registered trademark of NuTesla’s Founders


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